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(in other news, bookmarks are printed!! they look nice)

I drew Free! for prism bookmark designs!!! *_* they’re up for preorders on my storenvy now! ♥

If you’re interested, please take a look—they should be shipped out sometime in May (I hope)!! These will also be available at Fanime (hopefully) and AX! Yay!!!

hi! ^^ let me just start off by saying i really like your art and you're super talented. i just want to ask you if you'd mind if i used some of your art as a cover for this mix i'm making on 8tracks if i gave you credit and put a link to the original post in the description, and also if you mind if people just using your art in general for things like that or in things like their themes?

hi, and thank you so much! It’s absolutely ok to use my art for your mix as long as you give credit, so thanks for doing that! And yes, I’m fine with people using my art in general for icons, themes, etc. just as long as you always provide credit and don’t edit the original image. That’s all! 

your art is beautiful! do you mind if i ask you how you get that 3d kind of effect on some of your pieces and what you do to actually make it work really well? ; u ; thank you!

Thank you!! And do you mean that cliche red/blue hue? It’s just an effect in photoshop referred to as ‘chromatic aberration’, if you go into filters > lens correction (make sure chromatic aberration is checked under auto correction) > adjust the bars under ‘chromatic aberration’ you can achieve the same effect! It’s best to merge all the layers on your image first before playing w/ this effect (ctrl + alt + shift + e will merge them all into a separate layer) to get the best results. This is just how I go about doing it, though I’m glad you think it works out well! Personally, I think it looks better on a painted image rather than lineart since gives a more camera-realistic effect. But play around! 

I also want to add: don’t chromatic aberrate too much—always use an effect in moderation. There’s no need to continually applying the filter because it really starts looking distorted after a while. I see people abuse it so much sometimes they lose the original quality in their drawing and that makes me sad LOL

I'm really sorry to ask such a question when you must be really busy but I've been struggling with my art for at least 12-18+ months now and I just feel really afraid of even trying and losing my passion? Have you ever been through something like this before and how the heck did you manage to get through it?

Hi! And no worries, I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with drawing. It happens to everyone and is often unexpected! Consistently I go through periods of time where I’m afraid of trying exactly because I feel like I’ll lose my passion. It’s very scary—but I think this impacts us the most when we still feel very “new” to drawing. Many times the art that comes out of us are the ones that we’re the most happiest with—when we don’t feel as though we’ve tried our best. It’s really difficult for me to explain…haha. 

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biking hell log ft. some of my fav boys, from my twitter

Hi! I really love your art and its really inspire me to draw. i always sucks at making line art, can you give some tips about that? and how did you set your brush? thanks ^^

Thank you so much! I’m not sure if I can be of much help since I always rely on default brushes (I ink mostly in SAI now), but I’ll do my best. If you’re not good at lineart, it’s best to really work on sketching out your drawing first? Really clarifying your sketch can help you line better. Better lineart can also be practiced and achieved if you draw a LOT traditionally. Line with pencil, line with colored pencil, line with brush pens, ballpoint pens, marker…try all different kinds of media with different thicknesses. I try to treat linearting as if I were still sketching traditionally. So going in with a light hand when doing lineart is very crucial for me. (and so is ctrl+z when it’s digitally) 

There’s so many different styles of lineart, but varying pressure (thin —> thick) on your lines is an important thing to me. It’s a very graphic decision and approach. Sometimes what I think about when I line is: “what is the actual weight of this line if this item/body part were real? do I need a thicker line to indicate the edge of this shape?”…and so on. Having lines all at one weight can change the entire atmosphere or style of a drawing, so play around!

Here’s my brush settings that I work with 90% of the time I ink. It’s just the default settings though… 


Try to also play around with your tablet settings too! I find that the default tablet settings are too soft so I have to often tweak up the firmness. Hope this helped a little!

Edit: I’d also like to point out that any brush settings won’t necessarily make your lines better or …you can use any brush, any media but ultimately, being able to line better/draw better comes down to mileage and practice.

murasakibaras from twitter a while back

Hi! I just saw your art today and I am absolutely in love with it! Just a small request, would it be alright for you to share your coloring process? ;v; like how you start, which part you shade first, etc etc! A video or a series of screenshots would be okay! Thanks~

Hi!! Thank you so much! I don’t mind sharing my process, but I hope you mean my process for solids! That’s my go-to coloring process nowadays.

I’m actually not very methodical with most of my drawings, but here’s some “process” shots from my Aomine illustration for Animalia.


Basically I sketch roughly, ink + fix up sketch (this often takes the longest because I change my initial sketches 90% of the time), add base colors.


Add in a multiply layer to indicate light source, a few adjustment layers (overlay, soft light, multiply) to add atmosphere/mood, then further adjustments and final design choices for the composition. It’s pretty simple! 

I hope this helped illustrate my process a little bit! If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!

edit: oops, it looks like tumblr likes to resize images so here’s the process in bigger resolution (if anyone was curious).

You really inspire me! ;7; Thanks for being around and answering questions. ;v; Could I ask you some? What kind of classes are you taking right now? I saw on your Instagram page that you posted an homework assignment that was inspired by Tsui Hark and I was also wondering for what kind of class that one's for. ;3;

Yes, feel free to ask me any questions you may have! Thank you for your compliment, I feel really honored that I’m an inspiration…

Right now I’m at Red Engine Studios! I’m taking a character design, environment design, and an intro to entertainment design course. The Tsui Hark inspired homework was for my intro to ent design! We’re redesigning a movie so we get to redo characters, props, environments, and keyframes. Unfortunately, taking the class was kind of a mistake because it was more entry-level than I imagined? but I learned a lot still!! Hope this answers your question :)