hq log from the past couple of days (i’m so screwed on hw)

happy (belated) birthday tsukki!! I LOVE YOU (=`〜´=)
edit: close-up

happy (belated) birthday tsukki!! I LOVE YOU (=`〜´=)

edit: close-up

Anonymous said: Atsushis birthday is on oct 9th how are u going to celebrate????

Anonymous said: would u ever draw some aokaga? I love your murahimu art, it's gorgeous!



did you know? i’m in love with miyuki

did you know? i’m in love with miyuki

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earlier this year, I contributed to happy together, a basara anthology. I love…the toyotomi army…they’ll always be my favorites. hanbei-mama!! thank you aerie for inviting me to this lovely lovely compilation of art and words!

birthday drawing for the lovely and wonderful poiv !!! ♥完全必勝のなかま♥ 😘✌★‼

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Anonymous said: Does storenvy make prints for you or do you have to print them yourself?

Haha I print mine myself (so I can pick what type of paper/etc), but I think storenvy offers a printing service called printful if you don’t want to print/ship out prints yourself. Don’t know too much other than that though sorry!!